John Records, JD

Entelechy Coaching and Consulting

Entelechy: helping acorns to become oaks, caterpillars to become butterflies, and you to realize your highest potential.

John at MIC
My name is John Records. I’ve worked as a nonprofit executive and as a private sector lawyer with business clients. I know from my own experience that executives and other leaders face big challenges. It’s part of the role.

These challenges can cause anxiety, disrupt relationships and worse. Yet our challenges often are opportunities for personal growth and professional development, if we have the right support.

I help individuals and groups to uncover unexpected capacities and resources to meet challenges and not just survive, but thrive.

Through Entelechy Coaching and Consulting, I can help you to:
  • assess your situation
  • ascertain how your values apply
  • determine what you really want to happen
  • find the hidden opportunities and resources
  • apply and support your emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • develop concrete steps to attain your goals.
This process supports you in realizing your highest potential. Our work together takes place in person, by phone or via video from anywhere in the world.

People with whom I engage in this work often develop a new way of being in the world with a sense of insight, calm, focused power, and greater effectiveness.